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"The robust heavy duty plastic case"

The HEAVY plastic case from WAG is a plastic transport case suitable for products that need heavy duty protection. With special features including a double wall construction for maximum stability and an optional trolley system with larger models, the HEAVY case's capabilities more than live up to its modern powerful design. Available in 13 sizes and several standard colours, the HEAVY can be customised with bespoke foam inserts, custom graphics and special colours available on request.

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WAG Heavy case

HEAVY Case Features

The HEAVY case from WAG has a range of features that make it particularly effective at protecting your equipment during transit and storage. The larger HEAVY models can be fitted with an optional trolley system for comfortable handling of larger bulkier equipment.

WAG Heavy case soft handle

Rubberised soft-touch handle for optimal comfort whilst carrying. Don't lose grip, even with heavy loads.

WAG Heavy case lever seals

Stylish and sturdy knee-lever seals to secure the contents of your HEAVY case.

WAG Heavy case stacking feet

Integrated stacking feet give safe, non-slip stacking, ideal for delivery vehicles.

WAG Heavy case construction

The HEAVY case has a circulating double-walled sandwich frame construction for high stability.

WAG Heavy case hinges

Strong case hinges with robust linchpins.

WAG Heavy case feet

Stable and robust case feet to ensure stability.

WAG Heavy cases

The HEAVY case is available in a wide selection of sizes.

WAG Heavy case colours

Attractive colour combinations of case, catch and handle.

Heavy case divider

A printable divider can be inserted to utilise more space.

WAG Heavy case printing graphics

Space is available for us to apply graphics via screen printing or in-mould labelling.

Heavy case trolley

Optional trolley on larger cases, making it easier to transport heavy equipment.

lockable plastic heavy case

Optional key lock available for extra protection (H4028, 4032, 4036, 4040, 4044 & 4048 only)

Optional Trolley

Let the HEAVY case do the heavy lifting with the optional trolley system. Its unique height adjustment mechanism can be implemented on the HEAVY 4028 to 4048 cases. Rubber-coated rollers make it convenient on uneven ground, offering support and comfort for transporting heavy goods. Available for the following models:

H 4028
H 4032
H 4036
H 4040
H 4044
H 4048
H 4054
WAG Heavy plastic case


Not sure which size HEAVY case you need? Check the table below, or contact us and we'd be happy to help.

Model External (mm) Internal (mm) Ext. Depth (mm) Int. Depth (mm)
L W D L W D Lid Base Lid Base
Model L W D L W D Lid Base Lid Base
Outer (mm) Inner (mm) Ext. Depth (mm) Int. Depth (mm)
HEAVY 4001 300 275 82 277 197 69 - - - -
HEAVY 4002 300 275 110 274 194 99 40 70 34.5 64.5
HEAVY 4003 300 275 140 274 194 129 - - - -
HEAVY 4010 390 310 102 366 236 89 - - - -
HEAVY 4012 390 310 147 361 231 134 51 96 44.5 89.5
HEAVY 4014 390 310 192 361 231 179 - - - -
HEAVY 4028 500 420 125 466 327 109 - - - -
HEAVY 4032 500 420 175 459 320 160 63 113 55 105
HEAVY 4036 500 420 225 459 320 210 - - - -
HEAVY 4040 575 472 146 537 377 130 - - - -
HEAVY 4044 575 472 206 531 370 190 73 133 65 125
HEAVY 4048 575 472 266 531 370 250 - - - -
HEAVY 4054 665 562 250 612 432 220 - - - -

We can customise your HEAVY case...

Screen Printing

If you have graphics or branding that you'd like applied to your HEAVY case, the surface provides ample space for screen printing, allowing you to promote your brand in transit and during presentations. Read more

In-Mould Labelling

Another branding option for HEAVY cases is in-mould labelling. This uses a different manufacturing technique to apply graphics (including full colour photographs) whereby the label serves as an integral part of the final product. In-mould labelling can give the HEAVY case an eye-catching appearance while providing a high level of protection against UV and abrasion. Read more

Custom Foam Insert

A bespoke interior can be created for your HEAVY case. To enable a case to function at its best, foam inserts will offer a layer of protection so all your products can be stored and transported safely, with the ability to absorb shock and eliminate transport damage.

Custom foam inserts are designed to fit the precise shape of your equipment, cushioning them from shock and providing a protective environment inside the case. They also provide a neat way to present your equipment with each item carefully arranged in place. We can even use different coloured foam for the cavities so that they stand out - useful for spotting any missing parts. Read more

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