SAM Cases

Heavy Duty Cases

Peli Mobile Military

When transporting sensitive equipment through hostile environments, you need the ultimate in protection. Mobile Military products have been tested in the field as well as in combat situations to ensure that your gear arrives in operational condition.

Peli-Hardigg™ Mobile Military Cases protect your sensitive and most vital equipment from the harshest of elements and situations. Mobile Military Cases are designed to prevent damage from moisture, dust, salt, sand, the fiercest of impacts and highest of drops, keeping your equipment safe and secure anywhere in the world during the most abusive scenarios.

The rib design enables you to stack cases efficiently, saving space and making sure of stability during transport, providing you with peace of mind that your kit will arrive unaffected and fully operational. The watertight seal on a Mobile Military Case by Peli is truly unrivalled, operational down to 30 feet and will even float with heavy equipment such as firearms placed inside.

Mobile Office

Field Desks, Admin Desks, Bookshelves and Lockers for setting up field office in minutes.

Mobile Medical

Medical Chests, Drawer Units and Trunks to organise and protect lifesaving medical gear.

Peli Mobile Miltary