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Satin Cases

Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and configurations, the stylish and protective Satin Case takes the versatility of a flight case and reinvents it with panache.

The Satin Case is a completely custom solution, made to order based on your exact requirements. Whether it's for a single small demo product or a large set of tools, we can build the right case for your application. Made from aluminium, these are strong yet lightweight cases with a decidedly sleek appearance, making them a superb choice for sales reps needing a stylish presentation case.

Our Satin Cases are manufactured using extruded aluminium anodised with a pleasing satin feel to create a high-end texture and a beautiful aesthetic. What's more, all Astroboard panelling is treated with a satin coating, providing continuity across the entire case. As a finishing touch, these smart equipment cases are fitted with interlocking plastic corners which come in black or grey. Elevate your products to the next level with a Satin case.

Satin Case
Satin Case

Features that can be incorporated into a Satin Case include:

  • Custom divider compartments
  • Dedicated handle locations
  • Additional storage trays that can be removed
  • Detachable or hinged lids for easy access to equipment
  • Caster wheels for optimal manoeuvrability
  • Water resistance
Satin Cases

What's best suited to a Satin Case?

Satin Cases lend themselves particularly well to the sales and marketing sector where they can enhance any presentation that requires a sample or demo case.

Due to the high quality finish and anodising of a Satin case, customers tend to utilise them for applications that are less hard wearing and don't involve constant impact that could eventually mark the case and its anodised finish.

If you're looking for a case solution suitable for more industrial use - or to transport and store heavier items - check out our flight cases, which might be better suited to this task.

Bespoke Satin Case

Design Options

All additional peripherals such as castor wheels, fold down handles and butterfly surface latches can be added to provide you with the perfect custom solution. These cases look fantastic if finished with branding and graphics using our screen printing or vinyl services.

Lid Stay. Keep the lid or a panel open to your desired angle.

Ensure your belongings are secure with a combination lock.

A telescopic handle and castors let you transport your equipment easily.

Can be supplied empty, foam lined or with a moulded foam insert.

Screen printing and full colour vinyl labels to brand your case.

We can incorporate electric sockets, batteries and cables.

Satin Case

Custom Foam Insert

A bespoke interior can be created for your satin case. To enable a case to function at its best, foam inserts will offer a layer of protection so all your products can be stored and transported safely, with the ability to absorb shock and eliminate transport damage.

Custom foam inserts are designed to fit the precise shape of your equipment, cushioning them from shock and providing a protective environment inside the case. They also provide a neat way to present your equipment with each item carefully arranged in place. We can even use different coloured foam for the cavities so that they stand out - useful for spotting any missing parts. Read more

Unsure of what you need for your application?

Our experts here at SAM Cases will guide you in the right direction and help you find the perfect solution for your business. Please email us or call us with your ideas. Our in-house marketing and design team can offer help and advice.

Satin Transport Cases

"SAM Cases have been experts in the field of designing, manufacturing, and providing services for its customers for over 30 years. Their knowledge, experience and versatile capabilities make them the UK's leading custom/bespoke manufacturer of Satin Cases. If you require a fully custom solution, get in touch today."