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'With custom graphics, your case can turn into a powerful sales tool, enhancing your products and strengthening your brand.'

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Why have a branded case?

You promote your brand on your website, on your stationery. Maybe on your vehicles and your clothing too. But have you ever thought about promoting it on your cases? If not, you should. And here's why.

A case spends a surprising amount of time in the spotlight. Not just in sales presentations and at conferences, but in transit too. Seen by hundreds or thousands of people across its lifetime, a case is on display more often than you think. It's a marketing opportunity just waiting to happen. And it would be a shame not to use it.

case graphics exterior

case graphics interior

A branded case gets to work straight away, spreading your name, conveying your message, promoting your business. Over time, this increased brand visibility develops into brand recognition, which paves the way for the holy grail of advertising: brand loyalty. But it all starts with being seen.

Case branding is especially effective when brand and products work in harmony. An eye-catching presentation case with custom graphics can enhance your product samples and elevate your sales pitch, ensuring you make a strong and lasting impression. At SAM Cases, there are all sorts of ways that we can help you achieve this.

Let graphics bring your case to life

Corporate Logo

We can apply your logo to the inside or outside of your case. From a simple logo to a more complex design, displaying your corporate identity on your case is a key part of brand recognition.

Photos & Illustrations

We can print any imagery onto or into your case. Whether it's purely decorative, to complement your logo, or something more functional, full colour graphics are impactful and effective.

Marketing Messages

Your case can serve as a useful tool in any marketing campaigns, providing a space for key messages, be it a statement of values, a list of unique selling points or just a company slogan.

Other Information

From product specifications and step-by-step guides on the inside lid, to safety information on the base, almost anything can be printed onto or into your case, increasing its usefulness.

Powerful printing capabilities

Our cutting edge equipment together with years of experience and expertise mean we can apply the most stylish full colour designs onto (and into) your presentation case in several different ways.

digital vinyl printing

Digital Vinyl Printing is a flexible high quality solution offering large format, full colour printing. Laminated or shape cut, vinyl printing is also known for its use in decorating cars, buildings & more.

flatbed uv printing

Flatbed UV Printing is a fast flexible printing technique that lets us print onto almost anything, large or small. With an impressive colour range, it provides excellent results.

screen printing

Screen Printing is a popular printing method involving a process that presses ink through a mesh screen in order to create a printed design.

in-mould labelling

In-mould Labelling - The label is placed within the mould as the container is being formed, instead of being applied to the surface of the finished product with an adhesive.

Vinyl case wrap

Want to make your case really stand out? Look no further than a vinyl wrap or skin.

At SAM Cases, we're always pushing the boundary, exploring new ways to personalise cases and investing in the technology to achieve it. A vinyl wrap, with its super rich colours and full surface coverage, takes your off-the-shelf case to a whole new level.

If you have some ideas about how you'd like the case to look, get in touch - we'd love to hear from you. We can work with you to come up with a design that turns heads, and supercharges your brand!

vinyl case skins

Unsure of what you need?

Our experts here at SAM Cases will guide you in the right direction to help you find the perfect solution for your business. Just get in touch and we'd be happy to offer advice.

We take UV print-and-cut to a whole new level!

Our hugely versatile equipment delivers unparalleled UV print quality, accurate colour reproduction, integrated precision cutting and extensive media compatibility. This means you get the best possible print on your branded presentation case.

Fast turnaround

Fast turnaround

The speed of UV print technology means our prints are ready for finishing and installation almost instantly. This fast-tracks the entire process meaning you don't have to wait as long to receive your finished presentation case.

Vibrant colour

Vibrant colour

Printing above the standard CMYK colour gamut with the inclusion of red and orange ink results in photo quality images with perfect colour. It also ensures the finished product matches your corporate branding guidelines.

Print onto almost anything

Print onto almost anything

Our flatbed UV technology can print onto a virtually limitless range of flexible or rigid objects as large as 1500 x 736mm and up to 200mm in height. This allows us to achieve stunning results on almost any protective carry case.

uv flatbed printer

UV Flatbed Printing

Flatbed UV printers enable us to print direct to surface, making this an ideal technique for applying graphics to the panels of a flight or Satin case as well as waterproof cases and of course plastic presentation cases. From small company logos to large product photographic images, there's no compromise with this technology.

The ECO-UV 5 inks dry immediately under low-temperature LED lamps, making flatbed printing a quick and easy way to add corporate branding or personalisation to a Peli case, a Nanuk case or even a large format flight case.

Vinyl Printing

Vinyl is an incredibly versatile material and, once applied, gives cases a high visual impact. The exact coverage of vinyl on a case can vary: it can be used for small stickers and labels right up to complete case wraps (or 'skins'). Our vinyl technology can handle the largest sizes - up to 1600mm wide and an infinite length.

We have developed a super high tack vinyl which ensures long lasting adhesion to low surface energy materials such as Peli Cases and typical ABS or Polypropylene, transforming the presentation of your protective cases.

case vinyl printer

File Formats

We can work with all the leading digital file formats for your case artwork.

adobe illustrator adobe photoshop affinity photo affinity designer autodesk sketchbook coreldraw autocad pdf
cases for auto industry

People often ask

  • Which printing process do I need?

    This can depend on a number of factors, such as how your case will travel, the environment it's going to be used in, the purpose of the case (e.g. for product support, for sales reps, etc) and the colour requirements needed to fit with your branding. Delivery time will also have a bearing on which process is the best option. And you may have your own preferences too. Either way, our in-house design team will be able to advise you on the most appropriate printing process based on your requirements.

  • Do you offer a design service?

    Yes, we do. Our in house design team will be able to design the artwork for you from the digital assets that you provide. We request vector files if possible but we can also use a live trace facility if these are not available.

  • How long will it take?

    Each printing process has a different timescale but we try to work within the requested delivery date of the project. If the product also has another custom element such as foam inserts, the printing can be produced while the foam is being manufactured so it does not hold up the job.

  • Which printing method offers the best quality?

    We strive for perfection with all of our printing methods so there really is no great difference in quality between them. There are, however, limitations to some methods in terms of accuracy and colour representation. For this reason, we often favour digital UV printing. Certain applications have a better longevity than others, and this is something that we would be happy to advise on.

  • Do you supply an artwork proof?

    Before any job goes to print, a PDF proof will be supplied for approval so you can make any changes to the artwork required. This is then stored in our system so that we can reproduce it on subsequent orders.

  • Which file formats do you work with?

    We use the complete Adobe Creative Cloud suite of applications as well as CorelDRAW, so we can accept almost any file format you are able to provide. Typically we like to work with vector formats such as AI, EPS and PDF as these contain the source files to create the artwork with no loss of quality.

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