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THE SPI series consists of high quality, economically-priced plastic cases. With a classic timeless design, these are well-suited to product presentation.

Manufactured from environmentally-friendly polypropylene, SPI cases have a tough exterior offering optimum product protection. Metal hinge pins provide extra durability and allow the case to remain open at 90 degrees, making them useful as a sample or presentation case.

SPI cases are useful in a diverse range of applications. Together with custom foam interiors and branding from SAM Cases, they're a great way to protect and promote your equipment.

SPI cases

SPI Case Features

SPI case clip fastening

The case's clip fastening can be the same colour as the case or a different colour to complement it.

SPI case

A removable wedge allows the case to remain open at 90°, making this an ideal presentation case.

SPI plastic case hinge

The SPI case has real hinges, provided with metal pins, to guarantee the durability of the case.

SPI Case Sizes

SPI cases come in 8 different sizes and a range of standard colours, with special colours available on request.

Type Inner
L x W x H (mm)
Base height (mm) Lid height (mm)
Swing 165 x 120 x 30 15 15
Drive 195 x 140 x 40 20 20
Dart 230 x 165 x 50 25 25
Jump 270 x 195 x 60 30 30
Pace 320 x 230 x 70 35 35
Sprint 380 x 275 x 80 40 40
Pounce 450 x 325 x 100 50 50
Glide 530 x 385 x 120 60 60

Case Colours:


Clip Colours:


We can customise your SPI case...

Customising a plastic case is how you make it clear that the contents originate with your company or organisation. Whether you're carrying important instruments, spare parts or sales samples, a custom SPI case will ensure that they're more attractively presented and better protected. Each SPI case you order from SAM Cases can be specially fitted with bespoke interiors and custom graphics on request.

Branding & Graphics

Case graphics allow you to advertise your company, product or service on the case. It adds extra polish to any sales pitch or presentation, and if you work direct with the public, it serves to provide extra reassurance for your customers. At SAM Cases we can print onto - and into - any plastic SPI case. It might be as simple as your company logo, or something more elaborate such as a schematic or a set of instructions. Here you can see a small sample of SPI cases that we have customised.

Custom Foam Interior

Custom foam inserts are designed to fit the precise shape of your equipment, cushioning them from shock and providing a protective environment inside the case. They also provide a neat way to present your equipment with each item carefully arranged in place. We can even use different coloured foam for the cavities so that they stand out - useful for spotting any missing parts.

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