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Security & Emergency

SAM Cases are proud to have worked with emergency services, as well as private and public security agencies in the UK and beyond. Where time is of the essence, SAM Cases have been able to provide solutions that consist of practicality and versatility for all situations imaginable.

Whether you’re involved with a fire department or a private security service, SAM Cases have the superior experience that your industry needs to ensure maximum efficiency and optimal transportation and protection solutions.

Some examples of applications include:

  • Emergency Apparatus and Equipment
  • Surveillance Equipment
  • Diagnostics and other electronics

All of our solutions at SAM Cases are designed and manufactured by experts who have a vast wealth of experience with regards to the requirements of the security and emergency services sectors. If there is a situation or problem that you need a solution for, the chances are that we have probably produced something similar in the past, so get in touch!

Organisations that we rely on in our day-to-day lives have made the most of SAM Cases' experience, such as:

  • South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust
  • Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service
  • Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service
  • Avon and Somerset Police
  • Metropolitan Police

The photo in the header of this page shows a Peli 1460 EMS case, used by the emergency services. (Buy it from Cases UK)

"SAM Cases have been experts in the field of designing, manufacturing, and providing service for its customers for over 25 years. Their knowledge, experience and versatile capabilities make them the UK's leading custom/bespoke manufacturer of padded foam sets/dividers to complete custom case solutions."

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