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Sample Cases

Sample Cases perform two very important functions: they protect your products during transit, and they allow you to promote them in an attractive way.

Protection + Presentation

Sample cases offer a great way to market yourself, whether you are looking to promote your company, your products or your services. Sample cases are suitable for a wide range of companies and lend themselves particularly well to sales reps who need to carry, demonstrate and display their products.

Branding and marketing is an important part of your overall presentation, and a case that complements your products stylishly and professionally will make a stronger impact (on your clients and on your staff) than one that doesn't.

Here at SAM Cases we offer many options for sample cases. We will identify the best solution for your needs including the right level of protection for your products as well as the branding on (and in) the case. We can also ensure that the case conforms to any health and safety requirements without compromising the outward presentation.

Sample Case

Custom Case Interiors

The interior of the case will be tailored to best protect and present your products. This can be done in various ways - with CNC or die cut foam inserts, vacuum formed trays/inserts, and we can also cater to other bespoke requirements such as hard-wired working demonstration cases. We don't just work with standard shaped products either - sample cases can be built for all sorts of unusually shaped items so whatever their shape, they are kept safe and secure during transit. Don't just take our word for it - take a look at some of our custom foam case inserts to see for yourself.

Sample cases

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