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Plastic Cases

Plastic cases are a very cost effective, lightweight, strong and versatile solution for most business applications.

Plastic Cases

Uses of Plastic Cases

Uses of Plastic Cases

Plastic cases can be used as sample cases for sales reps, display cases for products including electronic items, presentation cases for product launches and retail support. They can also be used as tool and instrument cases to transport, store, protect and promote your products. They are widely used in marketing and sales situations but are also invaluable as a protective packaging solution for many other industries including science and technology.

Plastic Case Styles

Styles of Plastic Case

We supply many types and brands of plastic case in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some come with folded plastic hinges and catches, others have a separate lid and base with a metal hinge pin and separate catches. Some handles are integrated into the overall case shape while others protrude. All are injection-moulded from environmentally-friendly Polypropylene to a very high standard.

Plastic Case Colours


Plastic cases come in a wide selection of standard colours. If there is a specific colour that you need, we can usually offer it based on larger quantities. Plastic cases can be a mixture of colours, for example, a different coloured lid and base or different colour catch. This allows you to choose something to fit with your corporate colour scheme or logo.

Plastic Cases Graphics


Many customers choose to have full-colour graphics on both the outside and inside of the case - for example, a company logo printed on the outside, and some instructions on the inside lid. Cases can be branded with a full colour screen print with a UV print being cost effective on short runs. For larger quantities, a high quality in-mould label impregnated at the mould stage is a particularly eye-catching and cost effective soluton.

Plastic Cases Interiors


The interior of a plastic case can be tailored to support just about anything, with foam being the most popular type of insert. Foam can be CNC cut, die cut or laser cut to any shape and size and can also be plain black/grey or coloured to match your brand. An alternative choice is a vacuum formed insert designed to fit and protect your products. We never lose sight of the fact that the goal is to keep your equipment secure and well presented, whether it's on the move or on display.

Not sure what you need?

No problem - just give us a call on 01275 866 366. We have many years' experience in helping customers get the right case for their marketing and retail needs including for electronic items and working models. We also have excellent CAD designers who can offer all sorts of practical ideas and advice on any project. Everyone is busy these days, so why not give us the parts with any branding, a rough guide of what you‘d like, and let us do it all for you. You won't be disappointed.

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