SAM Cases

Heavy Duty Cases

Heavy duty cases are used by professional industries with more demanding shipping and storage needs, often in extreme operating conditions. Aerospace, law enforcement and the defence industry are just three sectors that benefit from the ultimate level of protection.

SAM Cases offer the following heavy duty storage solutions:

Rack Mount Cases

Rack Mount Cases are among the toughest, smartest transport systems for commercial, industrial and military shippers.

ISP2 Cases

Say goodbye to the shifting of loose cargo. ISP2 Cases virtually eliminate load movement with a unique Inter-Stacking Pattern.

Single Lid Cases

Higher impact-resistant cases with moulded-in stacking ribs. Keep your gear dry and dust-free in the harshest environments.

Mobile Military

Mobile Military products enable sensitive equipment to travel through hostile environments and arrive operational.

Peli-Hardigg Cases

Peli-Hardigg Advanced Case Solutions design and manufacture reusable heavy-duty containers for shipping and storing vital commercial, industrial and military equipment and spares. These include rackmount cases offering superior shock proof protection for audio/server equipment, to stackable highly impact-resistant cases and portable military workspace solutions.