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W.AG is a leading German manufacturer of plastic presentation cases, from small product packaging solutions through mid-size sample cases up to heavy-duty industrial containers. At SAM Cases we can customise any WAG plastic case with bespoke foam inserts and graphics.

WAG are renowned worldwide for their high quality plastic cases and boxes. Each case series contains a range of sizes, making them suitable for transporting and protecting all kinds of products. Standard case colours include black, dark blue, anthracite, silver-grey, red and yellow, with further special colours available on request. When combined with colour coordinated latches and screen printed graphics or in-mould labelling, your case can be used to promote your brand to great effect. Here at SAM Cases we offer bespoke case graphics and custom foam inserts all in-house, ensuring that your WAG case gets a truly professional finish.

Manufactured with double-walled construction, WAG Cases are among the strongest and most durable of plastic cases. With over 100 case sizes and 7 standard colours there will be a case to suit your needs.

WAG Cases are used in many sectors and settings: sales, retail, hospitality, engineering, medicine, corporate and care to name a few.

Custom Foam Interior

A bespoke foam interior can be created for your WAG case. To enable a case to function at its best, foam inserts offer a layer of protection so all your products can be stored and transported safely, with the ability to absorb shock and eliminate transport damage.

Custom foam inserts are designed to fit the precise shape of your equipment, cushioning them from shock and providing a protective environment inside the case. They also provide a neat way to present your equipment with each item carefully arranged in place. We can even use different coloured foam for the cavities so that they stand out - useful for spotting any missing parts.

WAG Heavy custom foam

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