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Military & Aerospace

SAM Cases have manufactured a vast series of solutions for the Military and Aerospace industries all over the globe. Our reputation within the sector stems from the capability to produce cases that can withstand the most volatile of environments and challenging of scenarios.

Whether you need to transport aerospace componentry, or a support system in the field during military operations, SAM Cases have industry leading experience of over 25 years.

Some examples of applications include:

  • Weaponry storage
  • Electronics and communication equipment
  • Component transport and storage

Our CNC systems can offer complete custom solutions for all areas of the military and aerospace industries, with custom foam cut-outs at various depths. We can also offer rack mounted cases for more complex applications such as electronics housing and heavier duty equipment.

We have been known to provide military solutions to various agencies across the globe. With regards to aerospace, some of the world's leading organisations have utilised our expertise to ensure they get their hands on the best solutions on the market, including Airbus and BAE Systems.

The photo in the header of this page shows several heavy duty cases from Peli-Hardigg™. The logos above are the intellectual property of their respective companies.

"SAM Cases have been experts in the field of designing, manufacturing, and providing service for its customers for over 25 years. Their knowledge, experience and versatile capabilities make them the UK's leading custom/bespoke manufacturer of padded foam sets/dividers to complete custom case solutions."

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