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"The plastic box with a unique design"

The SWING series of plastic boxes are perfect for small-format items and promotional products. Available in 6 sizes, they combine an attractive design with practical handling. Their defining feature is a wide clip closure mechanism for comfortable opening. Due to its size, the SWING cases also lend themselves to being used as a box-in-a-case solution. SWING series cases can be ordered with optional custom foam inserts and photo-quality in-mould labelling, making them ideal as a sample case to promote products.

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WAG Swing case

SWING Case Features

WAG Swing case clip

Clip closure for comfortable opening.

WAG Swing case stacking pins

Stacking pins ensure safe stacking.

WAG Swing case ribbed design

Elegant ribbed design.

WAG Swing case hinge

Full length hinge.

WAG Swing case transparent

Available in transparent option.

WAG promotional case

Plenty of space for your branding or advertising message.


SWING cases are available in the following sizes. Not sure which you need? Contact us and we'd be happy to help.

Model External (mm) Internal (mm) Ext. Depth (mm) Int. Depth (mm)
L W D L W D Lid Base Lid Base
Model L W D L W D Lid Base Lid Base
Outer (mm) Inner (mm) Ext. Depth (mm) Int. Depth (mm)
SWING 3112 101 82 32 93 60 25 - - - -
SWING 3114 101 82 36 93 60 29 16 20 12.5 16.5
SWING 3116 101 82 40 93 60 33 - - - -
SWING 3224 120 116 40 112 90 33 - - - -
SWING 3436 120 197 45 112 167 38 - - - -
SWING 3648 120 255 59 112 225 50 - - - -

We can customise your SWING case...

Branding & Graphics

Your logo or graphics can be applied to the surface of any SWING case enabling you to promote your brand while in transit or at the point of presentation. We can screen print single or multiple colours onto the case so you can truly make the case your own. Alternatively we can use in-mould labelling which is a more integrated manufacturing technique that gives superb results and will really make your graphics stand out. It also gives added protection from abrasion and UV. Read more

Custom Foam Interior

The WAG SWING case has many practical uses and a custom foam insert can ensure that your equipment is not only well-protected but well-presented too. Read more

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