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In-mould labelling

In-mould labelling is the use of paper or plastic labels during the manufacturing of containers by blow moulding, injection moulding, or thermoforming processes. The label serves as the integral part of the final product, which is then delivered as a pre-decorated item. Combining the decoration process with the moulding process cuts the total cost of the product when manufacturing high quantities. It also has the added advantage of a full colour photo quality image that is scratch resistant, as it becomes an integral part of the plastic case.

This feature can be added to the outside and/or inside of the case. The technology was first developed by Owens-Illinois in cooperation with Procter & Gamble to supply pre-labelled bottles that could be filled on the product filling line. This was first applied to Head & Shoulders shampoo bottles.

Guidelines for various file formats

We prefer to receive your design with regard to the image, photograph and / or company logo in digital format (could be either on a CD or via e-mail). Next our printer will prepare a printing proof. Following your approval of the printing proof your order will be processed.

You can deliver the requested label decor in:

Preferred format:

Adobe Illustrator, incl. tiff files, photographs, scripts (not included in the file)

It could also be in the following format: (however a conversion to the software used by the printer could involve additional costs)

  • Adobe Illustrator/In Design, incl. tiff files, photographs, scripts (not included in the file)
  • Freehand, incl. tiff files, photographs, scripts (not included in the file)
  • Photoshop in tiff or EPS, min. 300 dpi. (please do not save EPS as jpeg)
  • Corel Draw incl. tiff files, photographs, scripts

Furthermore we need you to inform us on the following additional information:

  • With which software was the decor designed
  • Which colours are requested (Pantone, HKS or RAL)
  • Dimensions, square or round corners
  • Script (type and size)
  • Are any overlapping colours involved?

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