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Configuring the inside of a Peli™ Storm case is essential in securing and protecting your equipment. There are a number of ways to customise the interior of the case.

Pick N Pluck™ Foam

Most Peli Storm cases come with a Pick N Pluck foam option as standard. Pick N Pluck is a do-it-yourself system consisting of foam pre-cut into small 1cm cubes that allows you to shape the foam according to your needs. You just measure your equipment, mark its shape on the foam, then pull apart the small cubes to fit your device. You can buy standalone replacement Peli foam sets for most models of Storm case, but for a more precise fit and professional appearance, we recommend a custom foam insert.

Peli cubed Pick N Pluck foam
padded dividers for Peli Storm case
Padded Dividers

Padded dividers are another way to organise your equipment inside a Peli Storm case. These are genuine Peli-manufactured dividers available for most cases as a standard option when you order the case, though as with most other interiors padded dividers can also be purchased separately as a standalone accessory.

TrekPak Dividers

TrekPak is a versatile divider system that comes with ultra-strong divider panels, wall sections, locking pins and a cutting tool. To install, just lay your equipment inside the Storm case, measure and cut the divider sections, then lock them in place with the steel U-shaped pins. TrekPak can be reconfigured over time, so you can change the interior layout as your equipment changes. TrekPak is available for several models of Storm case and can be ordered from Cases UK.

TrekPak dividers for Peli Storm case
Lid organiser for Peli Storm case
Lid Organisers

Lid organisers are a convenient way to store and access smaller items alongside your main equipment. They are constructed of leather or waterproof ballistic nylon with nylon zippers and contain pockets of different sizes and styles. Some lid organisers are geared towards office documents and stationery whereas others are designed more for bulkier itmes such as photographic equipment, although they can be used for more-or-less anything that will fit. Lid organisers are genuine Peli products and are available to buy from Cases UK.

Bezel Kits

Bezel Kits are used for attaching an interface panel to a Storm case so that it becomes flush with the rim. Electronic interface parts such as switches, buttons, connectors and ports can then stand up from the panel face and, when the case is closed, protrude into the lid space. Bezel kits are useful for electronic engineers and their OEM projects.

Bezel kit for Peli Storm case
custom foam for Peli Storm case
Custom Foam Inserts

The standard inserts above are useful as off-the-shelf items, but for a more snug fit and professional looking Storm case, we recommend a custom foam insert. These are designed and cut to the precise size and shape of your product and we take into account other factors too such as the product's weight, materials, access requirements and more. A custom foam insert can incorporate coloured branding, colour contrasting, anti-static to protect delicate electronics, and more.

See examples of Storm cases with custom foam interiors

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