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While Peli cases are renowned for their tough shell and innovative features, full protection extends to the inside too. A generous range of interior options are available to hold everything together inside a Peli case. They vary slightly from one model to the next, but include the following:

Pick N Pluck™ Foam

The majority of Peli Cases can be purchased pre-installed with something called Pick N Pluck™ Foam, which is their standard foam option. It consists of one or more layers of lightly scored, pre-cubed foam that you pick apart until you've created the appropriately shaped cavities. As you can imagine, this requires some planning; you first need to measure your equipment and mark the foam in some way before starting to pull away the cubes.

You can order replacement Peli™ foam sets from Cases UK. However for a more precise fit, we recommend a custom foam insert.

Peli cubed Pick N Pluck foam
padded dividers for Peli case
Padded Dividers

Another way to organise equipment inside a Peli case is with Padded Dividers. These are also available as a standard option for several models and can be purchased separately as a standalone accessory.

The dividers are constructed of durable nylon and foam which makes them incredibly versatile as it means you can alter the size and area of each compartment over time. To order a padded divider for your Peli case, click here.

TrekPak Dividers

TrekPak is another way to protect equipment inside a Peli case. It consists of pins and some very tough waterproof dividers. It's a DIY system that lets you decide how to divide up your case and organise your equipment. The dividers are strong, lightweight and almost impossible to tear. It's also a reusable system which means you can rearrange it later on if your equipment changes. See the full range of TrekPak dividers on Cases UK.

TrekPak dividers for Peli case
Lid organiser for Peli case
Lid Organisers

A lid organiser comes in handy when you have small items to store alongside your main equipment. They fit neatly into the lid of a Peli case and most contain pockets in assorted shapes and sizes making it easy to keep everything organised.

Different styles are available for different models; some are for office equipment while others are more suitable for bulkier items such as camera accessories. The organisers are generally made of leather or waterproof ballistic nylon with nylon zippers. See the full range on Cases UK.

Panel Frames

Panel frames are commonly found in cases used by electronics specialists. They allow you to attach an interface panel flush with the rim of the case, with the lid depth providing space for switches, buttons, connectors and ports to stand up from the panel face. You can order panel frames from Cases UK or if you'd like a more bespoke option, get in touch.

Panel frame for Peli case
custom foam for Peli case
Custom Foam Inserts

A custom foam insert is a fully bespoke protective interior designed specifically to fit your equipment. It can consist of single or multiple layers, with or without compartments, and it can incorporate full colour branding, colour contrasting, anti-static to protect delicate electronics, and more. The custom option is a popular choice with Peli case owners as the cases are often used to transport sensitive, fragile or valuable equipment and a custom foam insert adds cushioning to help protect it from impact.

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