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Here at SAM Cases we can design and manufacture a custom foam interior for your Peli case so that your equipment receives maximum protection from the inside as well as the out. A custom foam insert from SAM Cases will give you a higher degree of protection than standard Pick N Pluck™ foam from Peli because we use our vast experience and the latest technology to assess your product's size, weight, fragility, functionality and packing requirements and come up with the optimum snug-fitting solution for your particular needs.

Custom foam inserts can be integrated into the base and/or lid of a Peli Protector case and can be customised further with coloured foam, graphical panels, laser etching, logos and electronic circuitry. Colour contrasting - where the top layer of foam is a different colour to the cavities - is handy if you use your Peli case to store tools or multiple parts as it means you can more easily see when an item is missing.

Read more about custom foam interiors or take a closer look at some custom Peli cases below.

(We also provide custom foam inserts for Storm cases - see here.)

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