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Bezel kits for Storm cases

Aluminum frame system for panel mount applications. Choose from the following base and lid bezel kits...

Bezel kits - Base
Fits case Description To order
iM2050, iM2075 Bezel kit base

iM2100 Bezel kit base

iM2200 Bezel kit base

iM2300 Bezel kit base

iM2306 Bezel kit base

iM2400, iM2450 Bezel kit base

iM2500 Bezel kit base

iM2600 Bezel kit base

iM2700, iM2720, iM2750 Bezel kit base

iM2875 Bezel kit base

iM2950, iM2975 Bezel kit base

Bezel kits - Lid
Fits case Description To order
iM2200 Bezel kit lid

iM2300 Bezel kit lid

iM2306 Bezel kit lid

iM2400 Bezel kit lid

iM2500 Bezel kit lid

iM2600 Bezel kit lid

iM2700, iM2720, iM2750 Bezel kit lid

iM2875 Bezel kit lid

iM2950, iM2975 Bezel kit lid

Protect it the right way...

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