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Mobile Military™ from Peli-Hardigg

Peli-Hardigg Mobile Military Cases keep your sensitive and vital equipment safe from moisture, dust, sand, salt and even impact. Safe inside, your gear is protected against drop damage while the rib design maximises stacking and stability en route. When you open a Peli-Hardigg Military case, be assured you'll find what you packed inside arrives fully operational. When lives are counting on you, you can count on Peli-Hardigg.

Mobile military cases

Mobile Armory™

Tactical weapons depend on the protection of Mobile Armory cases

Over 50,000 of Peli-Hardigg's Mobile Armory weapons case configurations are currently on active duty. Whether you demand a full platoon's worth of capacity or a single weapon fit, Mobile Armory most likely has a case ready. The goal is to ensure that every weapon arrives ready for action, no matter what the climate or mode of transit. To accomplish this end, every advantage has been built in for user ease and fast access as well as security. Weapon-specific cases ensure the maximum protection possible within an economy of volume and weight while multiple unit cases are also designed to stack firmly, roll smoothly and carry easily.

Military cargo containers

Mobile Master™

Maximise your transports

These lightweight, reusable, watertight, airtight, recyclable polyethylene cargo containers and modular storage boxes maximise your space on 463L military pallets, in 20 and 40 foot sea containers, and on commercial or military aircraft and vehicles (M1097, M923, M813, M1113 HMMWV). The tough inert polyethylene fits international shipping regulations better than wood (with less weight), while moulded-in interlocks prevent shifting. Major sizes range from two-person liftable, 36-per-pallet cases to large 2 lid accessible, 8-per-pallet cases with four-way forklift access and directional lid arrows that show rear and front at a glance. Use every inch of transport space and get the toughest protection around.

Military computer cases

Mobile IT™

Protects today's technology in transit

Military IT, always on the cutting edge of technology, suffers great risk of loss by interference from dust, moisture and impact. Peli-Hardigg have worked alongside IT professionals to create a complete line of IT solutions that protect under every scenario, from singles to dozens of laptops, and even the server needed to connect them all. Some cases are designed to contain a specific machine and its related equipment. Others are fully adaptable. And all this stable protection comes surrounded by an unbreakable shell and complete with user-friendly details like rugged casters and dual handles on larger configurations.

Military medical cases

Mobile Medical™

Dependable aid helps save lives

Peli-Hardigg Mobile Medical Cases were developed with military medical professionals for peak performance in major deployments. Then they were tested in the field and improved even further. Every case is designed specifically to keep sensitive life-saving equipment and supplies within reach while protected from moisture, dust, sand, salt and even impact. Safe inside, each unit deploys organised and poised for action. Sliding access shelves, lockable hasps for security, a bevy of other features - plus incredible resistance to shock and vibration - ensures it. After all, when lives are on the line, speed and reliability are everything.

For over half a century, Peli-Hardigg engineers have proudly developed custom solutions for the transport and packaging needs of the military. Their innovative products enable sensitive equipment to travel through hostile environments and arrive operational. Many models have been tested in the field as well as in combat situations. By developing custom solutions, testing new materials and continuously improving designs based on user feedback, Peli-Hardigg have been able to build this robust line of cases that proudly live up to the harsh demands of the military.

To order or enquire about our military cases, please call
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Please note: availability of Peli-Hardigg products varies and in some instances delivery can take up to several weeks, depending on the type of case. Please contact us for more information on expected shipping times.

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