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"Off-the-shelf with pro-grade features"

The V-Series from Peli-Hardigg™ is a range of off-the-shelf rack mount cases with professional grade features designed to provide secure transport for rack mountable electronics and fragile equipment.

V-Series cases utilise a full-boxed 19-inch steel rack with an industry-standard square hole pattern, making it easy to hang electronics - simply attach the clip nut onto a square hole to get a secure, threaded mount.

The Classic-V Series has a 33-inch (838 mm) depth frame with a 19-inch wide and 33-inch deep EIA standard rack. The Super-V Series has a 24-inch (610 mm) depth steel frame with a 19-inch wide and 24-inch deep EIA standard rack.

V-Series Case Features

Classic-V and Super-V rack mount cases share several features in common:

V-Series square hole frame

Fixed square hole frame for universal equipment fit

V-Series Shock Mounts

Shock mounts provide excellent shock and vibration cushion for delicate equipment

V-Series O-ring gaskets

O-ring gaskets on lid for a fully watertight seal

V-Series purge valve

Manual purge valve equalises air pressure to prevent vacuum lock

V-Series anti-shear locks

Positive anti-shear locks prevent lid separation upon impact

V-Series Coupling catches

Coupling catches for secure stacking

V-Series Metric M6 clip nuts

Metric M6 clip nuts for more flexibility in mounting equipment

V-Series square hole pattern

Universal mounting - industry-standard square hole pattern

V-Series Stacking ribs

Stacking ribs secure non-slip stacking on matched size cases

V-Series Lid hangers

Lid hangers for lid storage while in use

Reinforced rack mount case

Thicker reinforced corners & edges for added impact protection

Anti-reflective rack mount case

Anti-reflective black hardware

What's the difference between Classic-V and Super-V?

The main difference between them is that Classic-V rack mount cases have a frame depth of 838mm, longer shock mounts and a larger sway pace, making them a good choice for ultra fragile equipment. Super-V rack mount cases have a frame depth of 610mm and use shorter shock mounts for more compact case dimensions, making them appropriate for moderately fragile equipment.



Frame Depth

838 mm (33-inch)

610 mm (24-inch)


3U, 4U, 5U, 7U, and 9U

3U, 4U, 5U, 7U, 9U, 11U and 14U


3U, 4U, and 5U are 36-45 kg
7U and 9U are 45-77 kg

3U, 4U, and 5U are 36-45 kg
7U, 9U, 11U, 14U are 45-77 kg.

Sway Space

1.4 inch

> 1 inch


Classic-V case handle

Black stainless steel handles. Heavy-duty spring loaded handles lay flat, and snap back in place after use

Super-V case handle

Comfort grip plastic handles. Heavy-duty spring loaded handles lay flat


Classic-V series caster

4 removable heavy duty bottom casters

Super-V series caster

Moulded-in edge casters and handles on rear lid for ease of movement

Super-V Series rack mount case

V-Series Sizes

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Model Unit Rack (mm) External (mm) Int. Lid Depth (mm) Weight Cube (m3)
L W H L W H Front Back
Model Unit L W H L W H Front Back Weight Cube (m3)
Rack (mm) External (mm) Int. Lid Depth (mm)
Classic-V 3U 3U 838 483 133 1163 686 312 64 133 23.13 0.25
Classic-V 4U 4U 838 483 178 1163 686 371 64 133 24.49 0.30
Classic-V 5U 5U 838 483 222 1163 686 422 64 133 25.40 0.34
Classic-V 7U 7U 838 483 311 1163 686 523 64 133 29.48 0.42
Classic-V 9U 9U 838 483 400 1163 686 617 64 133 32.66 0.49
Super-V 3U 3U 610 483 133 978 719 290 56 132 22.68 0.17
Super-V 4U 4U 610 483 178 978 719 333 56 132 24.04 0.20
Super-V 5U 5U 610 483 222 978 719 379 56 132 24.95 0.22
Super-V 7U 7U 610 483 311 978 719 467 56 132 27.22 0.27
Super-V 9U 9U 610 483 400 978 719 556 56 132 29.03 0.33
Super-V 11U 11U 610 483 489 978 719 645 56 132 31.30 0.38
Super-V 14U 14U 610 483 622 978 719 777 56 132 33.57 0.46
Peli server rack mount case


If you need to avoid drops, impacts and vibrations, a shockproof rack mount case will protect your fragile equipment. Peli-Hardigg V-series cases are used for:

  • Broadcast and video gear
  • Drones equipment
  • Audio technology
  • Computer server equipment
  • C4ISR market

V-Series cases from Peli-Hardigg™ are an off-the-shelf product, so you can now get your hands on superior Rack Mount Cases with very minimal lead times. For more information or to order, visit our sister site

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