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Rack Cases have been used all over the world for many years in order to transport and protect all kinds of rack mounted equipment, especially electronics equipment such as audio and visual systems.

This type of case has a standardised set of measurements that's internationally recognised – the width of all rack cases is set to 19”, whilst the height is measured in ‘units' (U), each unit of measurement is 44.5mm (1.752”) in height and can be built in multiples thereof. The depth of a Rack Case can be entirely customised and made to measure based on your requirements, be sure to consider any other additional components such as wiring at the back of electronics units when measuring up.

Manufactured from a combination of extruded aluminium, plastic astroboard and 7-10mm thick wooden panelling, SAM Cases solutions are constructed from optimum materials to meet the most strenuous of expectations. Rack Cases can be manufactured in a range of different configurations in order to suit your practicality requirements, some examples of configurations include:

rack flight case

Rack Box

A simple solution for smaller equipment that doesn't require mounting to an inner sleeve.

  • Single detachable door
  • Side located handles
  • Can be fitted with castor wheels


A complex system that ensures more sensitive and expensive equipment is protected from knocks and scrapes whilst on the move. Enabling the inner sleeve and its mounted equipment to float inside the case, this is an ideal solution to protect heavier electrical equipment.

  • Detachable front and rear doors
  • Custom located handles
  • Options to fit castor wheels
  • Rubber shock absorbing mounting points between sleeve and case


As an alternative to Shock-Mounted Cases, Foam-Suspended cases consist of the inner sleeve being mounted inside protected foam strips for shock absorption and cushioning.

  • Inner sleeve protected and suspended inside foam strips
  • Detachable front and rear doors
  • Castor wheel options
  • Handles at multiple locations

What's best suited for Rack Cases?

The nature of Rack Cases means its best suited for applications involving bulky electrical equipment such as sound equipment and other expensive componentry. Rack Cases are used to contain its equipment and be utilised within the case whilst the detachable doors are removed. If your equipment consists of smaller components that require removal from the case whilst in use, other flight case options will be more suitable.

Industries that have taken advantage of Rack Cases include:

  • Video Production / Broadcast
  • Motorsport
  • Electronics
  • DJ organisations
  • Aviation
  • Touring Companies

"SAM Cases have been experts in the field of designing, manufacturing, and providing services for its customers for over 25 years. Their knowledge, experience and versatile capabilities make them the UK's leading custom/bespoke manufacturer of Flight Cases."

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