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Case Interiors

At SAM cases, we never lose sight of the fact that it's what's inside that really counts. That's why we offer a wide range of bespoke foam interiors for any style of case using CNC, water jet cutting and die cut shaped and engineered foam interior products produced via our CAD systems. Packaging your equipment with a foam lining or a routed foam insert will give you the best protection for your equipment complementing the presentation of your product. Our experts are on hand to give you guidance on the most practical protection you may require.

case interiors

Thermoformed insert trays

Thermoformed (also known as vac-form or vacuum formed) insert trays are designed to fit and protect your specific components or tools. They can be ordered from as little as 50 pieces. The trays are a long lasting solution which eliminate the need for foam or bubble wrap, this creates a greener package with no waste as well as displaying your product with the clean, professional image.

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We use a closed cell Plastazote foam and expanded polyethylene. Our experts will give you details of the level of protection you require, which will depend on the criteria your application needs. Whatever those requirements, we can tailor the insert to meet your needs - such as anti-static foam, clean room environment nylon and vac-formed insert, and to carry your corporate identity through to the inside of your case we have the option of coloured laminated foams which can complement your samples/equipment.

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Above: CNC foam cutting machine

To order or enquire about our case interiors, please call us on 01275 866 366 or use our contact form

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